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504 Dymes – Rock Goddess 2020 by @cewileystudios

504Dymes magazine is proud to bring you the 2020 Rock Goddess Collectors issue. Don’t miss out on the blonde bombshell Blondie Braaps on the cover, the fiery red head cover model Jessica Oyer, the blonde bombshell Blondie Braaps, the Asian Goddess cover model Jazmine Cruz, introducing Hispanic fantasy girl Bonnie Ann. Also paying homage to the most famous rock bands in the history of music. Also including the electrifying and sexy models Andi Diamond, Roxey Riesett, Lauren Phillips, Romi Chase, Kimmy Cash, Dolly Doki and Frida Platt. 

Blondie Braaps behind the scenes of the Rock Goddess shoot

Collect All 4 Issues Of The 2020 Rock Goddess

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Blondie Braaps 

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Jessica Oyer

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Bonnie Ann

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Jazmine Cruz

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