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504Dymes @cewileystudios Black Lingerie Latina Edition @wendyalcala @MyJazmineDoll @RayaSoFrya

504 Dymes is proud to present “The Black Lingerie Latina Edition”. This is a collectors edition with 66 pages of the most beautiful Latina models like you’ve never seen before. Cover models Latina goddess Soraya Spanish gracing the cover vol. 1, Texas sensation, Jazmine Monroe gracing the cover vol. 2 and “LA Dream Girl”, Wendy Alcala gracing the cover vol. 3. Also featuring Jazmine Monroe, Soraya Spanish, Valerie Yvonne, Whitney aka Lady Boss, Carolina Pizano, C. Marie, Anna G and Bonnie Ann. Black lingerie has never looked so good.
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Model – Wendy Alcala
Social Media:
Twitter – @wendyalcala
Instagram – @wendyalcala
Model – Jazmine Monroe
Social Media:
Jazmine Monroe Social Media Network:
Instagram – @msjazminemonroe
Twitter – @MyJazmineDoll
Model – Soraya Spanish
Social Media:
Instagram: @sorayaspanish
Twitter: @RayaSoFrya
Key Makeup:
Shoe’s supplied by Wildly Cultivated
Instagram – @Wildly_Cultivated
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