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@504dymesmagazine presents #valentinesday2020 issue with @ultravfromtheseaa shot by @cewileystudios

@504dymesmagazine presents #valentinesday2020 issue with @ultravfromtheseaa shot by #cewileystudios

504 Dymes is proud to present the 2020 “Valentines Day” Collectors Issue 54 pages of beautiful ladies in red. We are featuring 11 models from various parts of the United States. These ladies have beauty and sexiness like you’ve never seen before. Check out cover model Ultra “V”. She is from the great state of California. Also included in the issue Destiny Rey, Jessica Oyer, Blondie Braaps, Andy Diamond, Kimmy Cash, Sweet Valerie and many more. In short, this issue made to celebrate the beauty of Valentines Day. We know that you will enjoy every page.

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Social Media: Cover Model Jessica Oyer Vol. 1
IG: @ultravfromthesea

Key Makeup: Ultra “V”

Wardrobe provided by:
IG: @jillyrocks.swim

Shoes provided by:
IG: @wildly_cultivated

Twitter: @cewileystudios
Instagram: 504dymesmagazine
Snapchat: WorldWideDymes

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