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Antoinette AU Dream aka @BossLadyNickey courtesy of Bogan of @DesiredImages (Model Showcase)

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Fierce young thang…. Checkout images of Model/Artist Antoinette AU Dream shot by Bogan of Desired Images..

Get familiar with her below……………
Antoinette is Culturally Diverse with a Irish/Jamaican/Indian background. At 6’0 tall not only does she stand out in a crowd,but she also has the most bubbly outgoing personality to match. Originally born in Kingston Jamaica in a small town called Mona heights. At a very young age Antoinette & her mother migrated from the gully streets of Jamaica and moved to Nyc in search of a better life, shortly after they settled in south Florida permanently where she is currently living and working.

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Since the tender age of nine Antoinette has been writing poetry & music,she had a “nitch for self expression through her note pad” friends & family would always say. Ms.Au’Dream doesn’t only excel in being a creative lyrical writer, but also shines in front of the camera & in her photographs. Antoinette Au’Dream has over13 years exp in the field of modeling , her mother introduced her to modeling around the age of thirteen primarily because of her height.

It doesn’t stop there; she’s also proven to be a triple threat as an aspiring actress with ongoing acting classes at the Burt Reyonalds Museum in Jupiter Fla. With such an outgoing, optimistic, & persistent character Antoinette Au’Dream hopes to expand her career & build a long professional resume in the entertainment industry. Antoinette spends a lot of time traveling, bi-coastal to her favorite cities and states where she works, parties, & networks, such as Houston,Atl,Nyc,L.A, as well as back home to the islands to visit friends and family occasionally.Her personal interest & hobbies include writing music, spending time with family, fashion, shopping, traveling, swimming, playing basketball & tennis, working out & going to the gym.

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