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Brooke Tatum @br24keb “in Black Lingerie” featured in Show Magazine Issue #19


Brooke Tatum 

Photos by Christian Arias, 
Hair by: Al Ingram, @AlSexyHair 
Makeup by: Melina Ruiz, @BeautybyMelina 
Styling by: Karina Guerrero, @Karilexa 
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Where to start… Well I guess the obvious choice would be how I got here, in this magazine. It all started with this infatuation with my visual art influence growing up in the heart of the valley. 21 years old strong and free spirited I swear I could conquer the world and do anything I wanted. Nobody could tell me shit type of attitude, its the Leo in me. 

I played sports all my life, soccer in particular, and worked for everything I have. Miss independent cause you can trust anyone anymore. Rarely Understood, sometimes even outspoken. But thats fine cause I dont owe anyone an explanation. If you come close enough you can find a girl whos capable of loving unconditionally. What I learned from it all, money comes and goes. If you want something real in life you have to earn it. Im blessed to have this opportunity, any that follow and most importantly, for what I already have. Xo 
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