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Chris Krook x Laura LaChina [Moving Portrait] @lauralachina @Chris_Krook #FitnessEdition

I present to you my first ‘Fitness’ Moving Portrait video…Last week while skimming through instagram I came upon Laura LaChina’s profile. With a lingerie video in mind, I reached out and asked her to shoot…But she informed me about her passion for fitness [@LaChinaFitness] and insisted I capture her during a workout…Expect more collabs from us in the near future… Read more →

Chris Krook x Grizel Chachi Del Valle @chachination @Chris_Krook [Moving Portrait]

For my premiere YouTube episode, multi-talented ‘ChaChi’ and I connect to display her amazing voice and beauty. To stay updated with my ‘Moving Portrait’ YouTube series please Subscribe to my channel. Read more →