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Spotlight Edition: Heather Bianchi "Blond Bombshell Rises"

Introduction:2010 was an amazing and productive year for Ms. Heather Bianchi and in 2011 she is coming to progress in her profession in the Modeling industry. She has appeared in countless music videos and appeared on the cover of Gorgeous Magazine and 504 Dymes aswell. I while I’ve had the opportunity of get an exclusive interview with the Blond bombshell,… Read more →

Sexy Portia Jenkins images courtesy of Blackmen digital & Chimovement

ChiMovement had the opportunity to chop it up with Portia Jenkins who was featured as our Beauty Of The Month for May. Portia reps hard for the peach bottom girls with class and sexiness. Image courtesy of Blackmen Digital SSX Read more →

Got "Milk Series" featuring Model Dream Nahkole courtesy of Rob Meggett

The Milk Series return to The Wiz’s Daily Dose and this time we’re introducing Model Dream Nahkole courtesy of Rob Meggett and Studio Glam.. She’s thicka then a snicka and plenty of Chocolate to go with the milk.. Checkout an exclusive interview with Dream Nahkole below.. Interview: Hennywiz: Welcome to the Wiz’s Daily dose @Dream_Nahkole Dream Nahkole: Thanx Hun It’s… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Tambre aka Tam Berry "The Summer Bunny"

Introduction:Tam Berry is a talent on the rise and probably best known for her amazing images courtesy of and her awesome spread in SmoothGirl Magazine. Read on below and get familiar with Tambre aka Tam Berry Bio: Beautiful, yet humble and charismatic, Tam Berry is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm.  If you don’t know her, get to… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Stephy C "Up Close and Naked!"

Introduction:Definitely been looking forward to this latest Spotlight Edition featuring the one and only, the awesome Stephy C ladies and gentleman.I’m extremely late with this feature but better late than never!Interview: Hennywiz: Welcome to The Spot (The Wiz’s Daily Dose), Stephy C.. Stephy C: Thanks so much for having me!! I appreciate it. Hennywiz: First starters, where are you from… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Ellesse Danielle "Inglewood’s Finiest"

Introduction:Checkout The Wiz’s Daily Dose latest interview spotlight feature with the lovely Ellesse Danielle “Inglewood California’s Finiest” Get familiar with Ellesse as you read on! Interview: Hennywiz: For starters, where are you originally from and what’s your ethnic background? Ellesse Danielle: I’m a west coast girl from Inglewood, California. I’ve lived there all my life. Both my mother and father… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Haus the Boss "Boss’D Up Straightout the Bay!"

Introduction: This interview has been long overdue, I finally had the chance to chop it up with one half of the world renowned NVUS twins Straight from the bay area “Hasana aka Haus the Boss”.. She is definitely intriguing and fierce as they come in this industry.. Get familiar with Haus the Boss as you read on… Brief about me:… Read more →