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My name is Charming Killings, but you can call me Charm. Im originally from San Bernardino, CA but I now reside in the Los Angeles area. SHOW was the first magazine to publish me and give me a cover. Im more then grateful and happy to work with Cummings Media, Inc. again.

Since working with SHOW it has opened many doors for my modeling career. Ive been featured in FHM, Blackmens magazine, Smooth, Dimez, and many more. Also, Ive been lucky enough to be featured in videos such as Tygas �Dancin for dollas�, Big Sean and Chris Browns �My Last�, Rick Rosss �Amsterdam�, and �Bow Wows �Pretty Lady�, plus many more. My first TV appearance came this year for Fuse TVs new show �The Hustle� and I hope to do more in the acting world. read more at

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