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Cyn Santana @Cyn_Santana featured in @showmagazine Issue 26 (Web Exclusives)

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The bangin Reality star Cyn Santana is featured in Show magazine issue 26; courtesy fo
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-What are the ups and downs of being in reality television?

Its great being on TV, you get to show the world who you are and you get to share your story. I think it can be more than just entertainment. People can learn through you. Who knows how many other millions of people are going through what you
e showing the world on national TV, you never know who you
e touching. A negative of course would be the ignorant and close minded people judging you. At the end of the day, no one wants to be victim of that although it doesn move me I do wish sometimes people will others a chance and not automatically judge or assume. Hear their story first.

-Where would you like to see your career go from here?

Ive always been an entertainer. I wanna be able to entertain people. My real passion is acting. I would love to take things to the next level and one day see myself in a movie.

-How is your relationship with Erica different from your last relationship?

Other than the fact that Erica is a female and my last relationship was with a man… Im super comfortable and even more confident with myself. Erica gives love a different meaning. Maybe because shes a female and we understand each other more. We have SO much in common which brings us even closer.
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-If you could bring another celebrity into bed with you and Erica who would it be and why?

Give me another question

-What have you learned so far about the business of entertainment that you can pass on to aspiring talent?

Ive learned that this business is NOT easy.. I don recommend it to the weak. Youve got to have more than just “talent”. Youve got have tough skin and an even tougher mind. I learned that people are always going to talk.. but I walk with my head high and my middle finger higher. I stay focused and do what I HAVE to do. Don let the negative words from outsiders distract you.
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