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Drisana Sharma @drisanasharma – Super Babe – Happy Holidays presented by @mixedmagazine

Drisana Sharma is the fresh face babe from Boston! This model just came out of nowhere with expert modeling ability as if she has been in training for years before releasing her talent to the world. Some models try their hardest to be sexy and to learn how to pose properly but this Bostonian just has it all. She is like silly puddy in your hands. She molds to any idea or concept that you want as a photographer and always has a smile on her face. And if you want her to pose in the nude no problem. She loves the art of modeling and is focused on becoming a great success. She has all the right physical attributes with a beautiful face and curves that kill. One photographer said that she has the best doggie style pose in the game. During her trip to Miami for a week in November she nailed down shoots with every A-list photographers and they all said the same thing. Drisana Sharma is a Super Babe! Make sure you read more about her below and book her for your next shoot if you want the easiest and sexiest model to work with. Make sure you join now to see her exclusive photos and videos inside by clicking here! – See more at:
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