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Egypt Selinda @EgyptSeLinda in Show Magazine Black Lingerie issue #17 (Web Exclusives)

Arguably this is some of Egypts best work to date. Checkout the web exclusives of Egypt Selinda featured in Show Magazine issue #17 the “Web Gems” images courtesy of showgirlzexclusive.com

Egypt Selinda
My name is Egypt Selinda I was born in Reading PA but raised all up and down the East Coast. 
I been featured in mags such as Smooth, Smooth Girl, and on the cover of Straight Stuntin. Recently Ive been featured in the new Slaughter House ft Swiss Beats & Eminem, 50 cents Hands Up Video along with a few others.

Even though Im involved in the urban modeling world I am now also getting more involved with the business aspect of it. I was recently hired as a coordinator for a magazine. I put together and organize the shoots. 
Eventually I am going to step away from the urban modeling world and focus on my long-term goal theater and dance.

I love Broadway and anything really thats theatrical. So doing plays and theater acting as well as singing is right up my alley. I am a performer at heart, whether its me ballet dancing or whether its theaters just know I cant stop until I am where I want to be. I am going to create my own opportunities.

@EgyptSeLinda on both instagram & Twitter 

  • gphi2007

    She seems very headstrong, good quality. PEACE!!!

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  • dontlike2squint

    I was hoping someone would post decent size images of this model! Thank you, Hennywiz!

  • Uncle B

    Egypt is so fine so fine.