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Exclusive interview with Tracy Obonna aka The Nigerian Bombshell (Spotlight Edition)


TRACY OBONNA (aka The Nigerian Bombshell)
Toronto, Ontario/Miami, FL
5ft., 7in.
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Hennywiz: For starters, where are you from and what’s your background?
Tracy Obonna: My name is Tracy Obonna. Both of my parents are Nigerian. I was born in Washington DC, lived in Africa as well as London, and was raised in Toronto, Canada.

Hennywiz: What or who inspired you to pursue a career in the modeling industry?
Tracy Obonna: Diana Ross. Growing up I watched her movie Mahogany and I fell in love with fashion and the glamour of the 1970s.

Hennywiz: How long have you been modeling?
Tracy Obonna: About two years now. Although I was always acting in school plays and putting on fashion shows in my city, I have only recently started going hard with my modeling and acting career.

Hennywiz: Give the readers a rundown of where they might’ve seen you?
Tracy Obonna: You might have seen me recently on the stage and on the red carpet. I just hosted the NPA Awards; an annual summit and award show that rewards and recognizes notable Nigerian entertainers making waves in this industry.  I not only hosted the event, but I also won the award for Best Nigerian Model of the Year at the NPA.

Hennywiz: A question I tend to ask models/vixens is: In this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates “Tracy Obonna” from your peers?
Tracy Obonna: Well, what differentiates me is that at the end of the day I am educated and currently pursuing my MBA in International Business and Finance. So if you take away the modeling, guess what? I am still going to have my 3 degrees and I’m still going be working as an accountant for a very prestigious Corporation. For a lot of these models out there, this modeling/vixen world is all they got.
I have a lot more to offer.

Hennywiz: Give a rundown of some of the photographers you’ve worked with?
Tracy Obonna: I have worked with Tosin Photography in Toronto and Frank Hot Sauce in NYC.

Hennywiz: What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Tracy Obonna: Some of my long term goals include winning an Oscar and having my own production company.

Hennywiz: Will we be seeing you on the big screen any time soon?
Tracy Obonna: Yes, you will be seeing me very soon. I’m a model as well as an actress. I recently worked on a Nollywood movie called X-class. I am also filming another Nollywood project.

Hennywiz: What would be a dream role for you?
Tracy Obonna: Wow, great question! My dream role is to play the lead actress in a 1978-1979 movie. Playing a 1980 disco dancer would also be sick. All glamorous and hard at the same time.

Hennywiz: What other interests do you have besides acting and modeling?
Tracy Obonna: Besides acting and modeling, I work part time as an accountant. I love working out and writing as well. I write screenplays and movies that I plan to act in.

Hennywiz: I’m about to get in your business now, lol!! What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other?
Tracy Obonna: I look for someone who is very driven and focused on what they want in life. I also admire a great sense of humor. I love to laugh.

Hennywiz: What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with?
Tracy Obonna: “What you don’t remember me?” I hate that line!

Hennywiz: What is an ultimate turn off for you?
Tracy Obonna: Cheap men.

Hennywiz: How would you describe your fashion style?
I would say very vintage glamour.

Hennywiz: What genre of music are you into?
Tracy Obonna: I love all types of music.

Hennywiz: Drink of choice that gets you going?
Tracy Obonna: I love a cosmopolitan drink.

Hennywiz: What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?
Tracy Obonna: I’m a huge sports fanatic. I love playing and watching sports.

Hennywiz: What is your guilty pleasure?
I love eating cake and sweets when I’m not supposed to lol.

Hennywiz: Name some things you couldn’t live without?
My Blackberry. Everything is in my Blackberry. Lip gloss as well. I cannot be seen without it. I hate dry lips.

Hennywiz: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Tracy Obonna: Expect to see a lot more of me on the big screen in more Nollywood movies and in some of my own productions.

Hennywiz: What advice do you have for aspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?
Tracy Obonna: Never give up. Believe in yourself. Keep negative people away from you and work, work, work! Nothing will be given to you for free. Also, have fun and have passion in what you do.

Hennywiz: Lastly, is your website. What can fans expect when they log on?
Tracy Obonna: My fans can expect a website that you can escape into to find the latest updates on the different projects and events that I will be attending and/or working on.

Hennywiz: I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Keep us posted on your future endeavors and don’t be a stranger. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Tracy Obonna: Thanks for all of the love and stay blessed!

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