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Gabrielas Paradise @gabrielas_paradise – Name says it all presented by @mixedmagazine

Gabrielas Paradise pretty much sums it up, because when working with Gabrielas is like having a moment in paradise. She immediately makes a connection with you as if you have known her for years. Her sweetheart ways make you want to do your best work for her and she gives the same back to you. As a model she is willing to do whatever it takes to get that perfect shot. She lets her booty do most of the work because it’s hard to take focus off of her voluptuous perfectly round booty. Every person that meets this young fresh face model instantly falls in love with her. A models physical appearance is always important but having a great attitude is equally as important and Gabrielas Paradise possesses both. If you are looking for a model who is easy to work with for your next project then choose this professional model and you will feel like you are in Gabrielas’s Paradise!

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