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Garcia x Marcia @yeahshemixed @garcianovega – High Rise Session courtesy of @MasonTheEditGod

Courtesy of Mason the edit God we bring you 2 baddies residing out of the ATL; Garcia Novega and Marcia. Checkout exclusive edits from their High rise session.
Muses: @yeahshemixed @garcianovega
MUA: @yeahshemixed
Photographer/Retoucher: @MasonTheEditGod
Studio: @MasonTheEditGod x @StarLife.Ent

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Words by Henny

Words by Henny

  • Clarence Mason

    Thank you 🙏

  • Two “slim-sexy” ladies…nice. Garcia Novega is a “bad meaning good” looking girl. I like her lips. PEACE!!!

  • hennywiz

    agreed, I’m definitely diggin this set! Shouts to Mason

  • Linking to this in the about me section of