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Jenn Scott @JennScott5 – Thick Thighs & Blue Eyes presented by @mixedmagazine

jenn-scott-cover-mixed-magazineJenn Scott is your thick thighed blue eyed sex symbol from Los Angeles, California. Discovered by Miami photographer Angelo Lumas when he took a west coast photoshoot tour. As soon as her photos hit his instagram page it was a wrap. We instantly sent out the text to book her for the cover and one week later she was on the plane flying to Miami. It only took 1 nano second peak of this girls legs and we were sold. There is just something about a woman with thick legs that does it every time. Jenn Scott is all about modeling. She loves every second of it and is always busy doing something. She shoots constantly and is always seeking out new and exciting opportunities. She is launching her own website as well as her own brands. It’s business first for this LA chick. Her personality is just awesome also. She is very fun to hang out with and has one of the biggest hearts. She is always professional and expects nothing less when it comes to making it happen. Angelo Lumas shot Jenn for the cover in a sexy Miami hotel and we were right there with the video camera to capture the whole behind-the-scenes shoot. Make sure you join now by clicking here to see these amazing legs take over the room! – See more at:
Follow Jenn via twitter @JennScott5 and you can also find her on instagram @officially_jennscott