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Kendra Kouture @KENDRA_KOUTURE featured in Show Magazine Black Lingerie issue 20

Kendra Kouture 001 show magazine
Hair Stylist: Ketta Kelley – @kettakelleyhair
Make Up Artist: Tanya Miller – @thebeautibot
Freelance Model – Video Boss � Hostess
Michigan & Beyond
Height: 56
Weight: 170
FB/Kendra Kouture

First and foremost I would like to thank Sean Cummings, for giving me an amazing opportunity to be apart of the SHOW Magazine family and movement.

How long have you been modeling, and how has modeling changed your life?
I have been modeling for about 4 years now. I love modeling it started off as a hobby, more or less for promo but it turned into a passion so I would say modeling changed my life in so many ways. Modeling gave me confidence I never knew I had, it made me look in the mirror and appreciate what I saw!

Define “Sexy” in your own words and how do you display that same “Sexy” in photo shoots and magazines?
Sexy to me is who you are within! Its that look you can give or the walk you walk when entering a room and everybody stops and stares. To me being sexy is being confident!! The way Im able to display sexy during a photo shoot or through the pages of magazines is… I basically put myself in a different mindset, I envision that Im with that special someone and Im looking to make him feel some type of way!

The question every guy in America wants to know: Are u single and if so what do you look for in a man?
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