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Mercedes Morr @MercedesMorr – Super Booty presented by @mixedmagazine“>mercedes-morr-cover-mixed-magazine-full-nude

Back up for Mercedes Morr and her SUPER BOOTY! This is one of the those booties that has everybody falling to the ground when she walks by. Guys can’t even think straight when they see it in person. She uses it to her full advantage as a full time exotic dancer and model for the best female modeling agency in the country Viscious Vixens out of Houston, Texas. Yes everything is bigger especially the booties. Mercedes is relatively new to the modeling world and she got her debut to the world pretty much as soon as released a video of her. One of the things Mixed Magazine loves is a woman who can own her sex appeal along with staying humble and professional and Miss Morr is that person. She has absolutely no shame for her ability to shake the booty for the whole world to see all while treating everyone with respect along with way. Mercedes Morr is just a bad ass chick! Find out more about her below before we bore you with how awesome she is. Make sure you join the member section to witness something greater than anything you have ever seen by clicking here! – See more at:
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