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Miss Judi Jai @JUDiJAiKRAZi “in Black Lingerie” by Show Magazine (Web Exclusives)

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Checkout the web exclusives of Badgirl Alumni Judi Jai “in Black Lingerie” courtesy of Show Magazine

Judith Jackson also known, as Judi Jai is a socialite, entrepreneur, actress, published model and a reality star, most popularly known from Oxygen channels hit show �The Bad Girls Club�. Judi Jai was on season 7 of the Bad Girls franchise, which was filmed in New Orleans in 2011. Oxygen gave her the nickname �The Voodoo Vixen� because of her love for being originally from the south and raised in Chicago. She was that seasons breakout star which landed her a spot on the second seasons spin-off �Love Games� in 2012 which she won.

Judi has also made an appearance on season 4 of �Love Games�, starred in her first movie which will be released this summer called �A Baltimore Love Thing�, has her own lipstick called �Vixen� which you can purchase at, featured in urban magazines, working on her own �Judi Juice� drinks and will also grace your TV screen again in late 2013. click the link to read more from this bio

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