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@MixedMagazine presents Janz J @MszJanz – Thick and Curvy


Check out this super thick and curvy model named Janz J! It only took one glance at this model on Instagram to realize she needed to be featured in Mixed Magazine. What would life be like if you didn’t get the chance to see this amazing model? She is 100% Dominican but resides in New York City. Apparently if you are Dominican then you are automatically thick. She is a new model but has quickly caught the eye of some of the biggest magazines such as Smooth and now Mixed Magazine. Her personality is excellent and she is very humble. She is very easy to work with and she loves to get stunning images. It’s always important for us to find models that are easy to work with and that have respect for themselves and others around them and Janz J is that model. Her face is beautiful, her boobs are perfect, her waist is tiny and her booty and legs are just out of control with thickness. She is one of the tattoo free models which is great for modeling purposes. We have to admit that her photos and video inside our member section are just jaw dropping! Do yourself a huge favor and join now by clicking here.

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