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NICEÉ – Xtra Sexy @Nicee_xxx presented by @mixedmagazine

Meet the fresh face model named NICEÉ. She is a fun 110 pounds of pure sexiness. Her ability to pose is above the rest but everything about this model puts her in a class of her own. She has a very go-with-the-flow personality and she even has a little gangsta side to her. Her perfectly placed tattoos accent her artistic side. But nothing gets better than ability to twerk. She might have a petite frame but she knows how to work it better than most of the girls we have seen and that is saying a lot. NICEÉ definitely lives up to her name. This model can do just about anything from artistic glamour to live webcam and that is why we love this model. Versatile, sexy, pretty, naked, twerker, live cam, etc.. What else can you ask for? Watch the video and photos inside by clicking here! – See more at:
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