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Phoenix Simone @poetic_kinetix – Show Magazine Black Lingerie #21


PHOTOS BY: Sean Cummings, @SHOW_Magazine
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Chris Kelly, @goonrillabullyboy
MAKEUP ARTIST: Melanie X Tran, @melaniediamonds
HAIR STYLIST: Shaunte Dolphy, @royaltysmith
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

I began this journey through a lifelong desire to become self-made through my body, my art and my dance. I was raised in west coast Canada, up and left everything to start a new life in the east coast TDOT, following my dreams of visual and performing arts. Im a lover and a fighter ….a combination of being a street-smart Israeli girl with ride or die instincts.
I am an artist and WAS a professional dancer for several years, but never conformed to that thin prima-donna body or attitude. I was always hat girl with the big ass, no filter that made everyone laugh yet everyone feared. I believe every lesson is a blessing! I know what it is to have everything… yet I also know how it is to have nothing, so I value every opportunity to the fullest. I use my mind and artistic blood to empower others, I use my body to emulate the natural Seduction of a womans curves. I believe in being self-made and that anyone can build an empire from nothing, many have slipped through the cracks and grown from the dirt that was once kicked upon them.
Im a cancer which is a water sign, a tough shell to break but easily adaptable once open. How did I end up here in this shoot? Id say taboo instincts and a rebirth of sexiness and sultriness provoked me. I love the display of raw voluptuous curves, a shape that was once praised as goddesses before the days of twiggy and fashion runways. I want to bring back the sensuality of women who are most frowned upon, most feared…but most desired 😉

Phoenix Simone 001

Phoenix Simone 002

Phoenix Simone 003

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