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Poster Girls @PosterGirlsus website in now live!!

poster girl -n
a female who typifies or represents a particular characteristic, cause, opinion, etc.

Poster Girls was conceived in 2006, an idea hatched from the minds of two nightclub promoters. The concept was simple: A Poster Girl is defined as one of the world’s most beautiful women, assertive and passionate about her chosen craft and never satisfied with mediocrity.

We at Poster Girls feel that such women are to be celebrated and admired – not just in magazines, videos, and online. Beautiful women and cars have always naturally complimented each other. We’ve incorporated this concept into a product that our customers can enjoy on their daily commute, around town, or anywhere they chose to imagine! Our air fresheners are personalized with captivating images of women who represent the true meaning of a Poster Girl.

Enjoy our updates to keep up with the Poster Girls, and be sure to visit our store!