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Presenting IBMM @iamthekingdavis Model Ariel Danielle @realArielG images by @mr12am Media

Ariel Danielle4 Mr 12AM Media.thewizsdailydose

Checkout the latest addition to the IBMM regime, meet midwest model Ariel Danielle and she collabed with 12 AM Media for the “Chicks with Kicks” edition.

Model: Ariel Danielle on instagram @beargoblin and twitter @realArielG
IBMM photographer: @mr12am of @ibmmlife

Ariel is a model based out of Cincinnati , Ohio. Ariel has been featured in One-Ten Magazine as well as Inclusion magazine. She has also been featured in local music videos, runway shows etc.

Ariel Danielle2 Mr 12AM Media.thewizsdailydose