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Presenting Jacqueline Melendez @_itsJACKIE_ @Jacquelinexo_ courtesy of @Fly_Imagez

Jacqueline Melendez2 Fly Images.thewizsdailydose

Model: Jacqueline Melendez
Location: New Haven CT
Instagram: @Jacquelinexo_
Photographer: Fly Imagez
Instagram: @Fly_Imagez

Brief info on Jacqueline;
Ive been modeling for about 2 years now. It took me so long to get into this but I am happy that I am finally giving it a try. I’m very fun to work with a little shy at first but I am always open to new ideas especially anything artistic. If you would like to work with me, have any ideas, or even constructive critisicm please feel free to message me!
**Im looking to meet photographers, gain experience and exposure.
I am looking to do more Pin-up, Glamour, and Editorial work.