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Rising talent Adrianna Di’ Ossi interviews with


You’ve might have seen her grace the pages of Straight Stuntin, Dreamgirls Magazine, and several other publications whether it was print, digital websites, etc… Now she is back at and Esquire Unique, talent scout for wizsdailydose had a chance to get alittle familiar with the lovely, curvy model.. read more and get familiar with Adrianna Di’Ossi below..


Esquire Unique – First off where are u originally from?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Apple valley, CA

Esquire Unique – What’s your ethnic background?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Salvadorian, Italian & black

Esquire Unique – What are your measurements for our readers?

Adrianna Di Ossi – 34-26-44

Esquire Unique – What makes you different from all the other faces in the modeling world?

Adrianna Di Ossi – I definitely hve a unique look. Anyone can look at me and see mystery. Me being the mixture that I am. My exoticness is on another level.

Esquire Unique – How did u get into modeling? How long you been doing it? Adrianna Di Ossi – Scouted by a clothing co.  Got introduced to print thru that opportunity. I was 19 when I started then I stopped a year later due to having my son. I’ve been back in it for about 5 months now.

Esquire Unique – Name a few highlights of your career?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Definitely being on three covers at one time.

Esquire Unique – Where you always amazingly curvy?

Adrianna Di Ossi – YES! All natural.

Esquire Unique – Are you dating married etc?

Adrianna Di Ossi – In relationship

Esquire Unique – What type of men or women you are attracted to?

Adrianna Di Ossi – I’m attracted to confident, intellectual, humorous chocolate gentlemen.

Esquire Unique – What’s your sexiest outfit you have?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Any of my see thru joints.

Esquire Unique – Craziest place u had sex at?

Adrianna Di Ossi – On the side of the freeway on the hood of my car in broad day light.

Esquire Unique – where can we see you featured at?  Elm magazine issue 5 ,straight stuntin issue 20 mag, vixens mag BEDROOM VIXENS, stalltotalkmag, Hipsondeckmag, Sweets mag just to name a few

Esquire Unique – How do you plan to change the modeling game?

Adrianna Di Ossi – I’m going to continue to do me n present as much creativity as I can. I love a mixture of high fashion & sex appeal.  Create my own path and give my fans something different & fresh.

Esquire Unique – What would you like to say to all your fans?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Thank you Thank you Thank you for alllllll of the love & support u give. They give me LIFE in a lot of ways. I give them a lil piece of myself in all my work. Stay tuned for my upcoming projects. Appreciate every one of you. Thank you.

Esquire Unique – Where can your fans find &reach you?

Adrianna Di Ossi – Twitter @Di_OssiBeautee

Esquire Unique – I wanna thank you for this interview thank you for allowing me this time

Sincerely Earl vice president gen man of stilettotalkmag and contributor to < thank you for this opportunity and allowing me to reach out to my fans. Xoxo.