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Serena Dingman @SadenaSerena – Exclusive Vacation Series in Negril – Video x Pier G

Courtesy of, and Exclusive Vacation Series presents our latest series shot in Negril, Jamaica., featuring Porsche Foxx, Chelsea Lovelace, Yesenia Santos, Daffini Evans, Princess Javel, Shay Brown and Serena Dingman. We would like to thank Hedonism II Resport and Kuyaba Hotel for their extraordinary hospitality throughout our entire trip, along with our sponsors Sweet Heat Bikinis, EverythingSwimwear, Flat Out of Heels, and Passion Pouch.
Follow Serena on instagram @serenadingman and on twitter @sadenaserena

Serena Dingman Solo from Star Max Branding on Vimeo.

Serena Dingman 001 exclsuive vacation series

Serena Dingman 002 exclsuive vacation series

Serena Dingman 003 exclsuive vacation series

Serena Dingman 004 exclsuive vacation series

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Words by Henny

Words by Henny

  • Nice thick thighs. PEACE!!!