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Soulja Boy On The Cover Of XXL With A Ninja Named 50 Cent

Seen first at realtalkny What the hell?!?! is 50 going to teach him how to rap.  Odd couple!

SB on his connection to 50 Cent: “Being Black, with money, from the hood, struggles, and coming from nothing to something, of course you’re going to share the common struggles. You going to have people hate. You going to have people that change on you, and all that. So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did—if there wasn’t no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy. You know what I mean?”
About his young counterpart, Fif says, “If I had the wish to be another artist, just for right now, it would be Soulja Boy.”
via XXL

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