Spotlight Edition: Kristina Divine – the one & only Digital world Sensation!!!


I am a 24 year old Aspiring model. Straight out of baltimore, but raised by Jamaican parents and family. I love having this Jamaican heritage i.e my 43”. I have been modeling for 2 years and i wouldnt trade it for the world. I am a leader and a very strong and independent person and i pride myself on that. I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped me get to where i am today i a truley grateful. I am now currently featured in Asis magazine, and fbm-mag, and will be in stunnaz mag this march. Many more publications on the way as well as music videos etc. and youtube videos subscribe to kristina divine.



Hennywiz – How are you doing today, Kristina? Kristina – I am great… !
Hennywiz – First off, I would like to Welcome you to the Daily dose..
Hennywiz – Where are you from originally and what’s your ethnic background?  
Kristina – I am from Baltimore, MD born and raised but my parents are from Jamaica.
Hennywiz – What are your measurements, btw; for the people that don’t already know?
Kristina – 34-25-43, I am 5’3 and 125lbs. 
Hennywiz – What or who inspired you to begin a modeling career?
Kristina –  I started off with a local clothing company and my photographer Nate Issac just pushed me more to get the best out of me.
Hennywiz – You’ve been featured in several magazines; print and online. Business is good I see.
Kristina – Yes it is great just steady grinding in my quest for a cover.
Hennywiz – You are featured in AsIs Assets, how was your experience working on that shoot? Kristina – It was a great shoot. I shot with my camera daddy James Rich.. The best photog out there!!!
Hennywiz – Name some of the other magazines have you been featured in?
Kristina – I will be in FBM-mag this month and dropping in Stunnaz mag this march and G3 mag. as well. 
Hennywiz – With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable so far? 
Kristina – It was doing a shoot when I was tied on a metal pole it was raining and there was a whole in the ceiling. The rain began dripping in on a circuitry where wires hooked onto the pole so I had to as well the photographer unties me quickly before I was shocked.
Hennywiz – Have you been in movies or music videos as of yet?
Kristina – No movies as of yet, but I have some potential videos coming soon!!!  
Hennywiz – What impact has modeling had on your personal life?
Kristina – It is very hard finding a man that will tolerate all the attention I get or just knowing other men are looking at my photos. I also don’t have alot of support from my family and friends but I just keep pushing on, you know.
Hennywiz – Overall, what has been your opinion of the modeling industry as a whole?
Kristina – It is great I love it but, it harder than it looks. Basically 80 percent business and 20 percent entertainment. 
Hennywiz – What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career? I just want to take modeling as far as I can and not limit myself in any way.
Hennywiz – I’ve read somewhere that you are college student, what is your major? Yes I go to Morgan State University GO BEARS!!!! I am a child psychology major.( working on my BA)
Hennywiz – What other interest do you have besides modeling?
Kristina – I love working with children and looking forward in starting a charity for the genocide in darfur.
Hennywiz – What are some of your hobbies?
Kristina – Love shopping of course and just promoting myself it can be very fun at times nothing real big.
Hennywiz – Do you have a significant other? If so, how does he or she feel about you modeling? Kristina – No very single!!!! 
Hennywiz – What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other?  
Kristina – He has to be responsible, and respectful. I love ROMANCE please be big in that area. And have to be able to make me laugh.
Hennywiz – What is your preference, men or women?
Kristina –  I love all men I just want someone to treat me right not too picky but, they have to be taller than me lol!! 
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public? Kristina –  Just be real no cheesy pick up lines because I will just walk away from you lol.
Hennywiz – What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with? Kristina – Did it hurt? When you fell outta heaven, ha ha ha very cheesy
Hennywiz – What turns you on the most?
Kristina – Just ROMANCE little things getting to know me, taking walks holding my hand letting people know that I am yours.
Hennywiz – What is an ultimate turn off for you?
Kristina – A liar and someone who stands me up no notice no excuse I have zero tolerance for that.
Hennywiz – There are some freaky people out there that will want to know, how do you rate yourself in the bedroom? platinum lol!!! 
Hennywiz – What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Just having sex in like a summer rain somewhere in Jamaica on the beach… steamy !

Hennywiz – What part of your body are you most complimented on and what are your favorite assets on you?

Kristina –  truly it’s my eyes that’s the first thing people see before my eyes, they are extremely light for my complexion. My eyes and of course my ass.
Hennywiz – Give a description of a normal evening at home with you. Kristina – On twitter tweeting, maybe a nap, then some homework. Oh and i love the reruns of the nanny on nick at night (lol)
Hennywiz – Do you have any tattoos? If so where? Kristina – Yes i have 13 all over arms, back,torso, legs, more to come!!!! 
Hennywiz – Do you have a special hidden talent? If so what is it? Kristina – No not really
Hennywiz – Describe your fashion style and taste? Kristina – Just laid back nothing too serious
Hennywiz – What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally? Kristina – That I’m actually smart people tend to think models are stupid.
Hennywiz – What are some of your guilty pleasures? Kristina – I love brownies, love them sooo much.
Hennywiz – Name some things you couldn’t live without?
Kristina – My MOM , AND MY BROTHER KAMAL . and god . thats all i need ..
Hennywiz – What can we expect from you in the near future? Kristina – More mags and covers coming soon as well as my hot you tube videos ,. subscribe to kristinadivine
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry? Kristina – Just follow your dreams and know alot of people want you to fail and will say the meanest things to you just ignore it they want to break you DON’T LET THEM WIN.
Hennywiz – I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans out there? Kristina – Thanks to everyone who supports me esp. my Twitter friends love all of you.. And thank you for this interview.


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