Spotlight Edition: Ms. Rikki Renee invades Daily dose

This rising star residing out of Baltimore is more than just a cutie with booty.. She is a one woman that’s about her business and she is determine to take this industry by storm. Beauty and brains is an understatement with it comes to this fine specimen; but does she have what it takes? you be the judge… Get acquainted with Ms. Rikki Renee

Rikki Renee recently started her modeling career after promoting many parties in her hometown of Baltimore, MD. After landing her first flyer for a local promotional company, Rikki Renee began to take a more serious look into the modeling industry. After a test shoot with local photographer Jeff Martin, Rikki decided to pursue modeling full-time. She then joined a modeling network site and within two weeks of joining she landed her first magazine spread. From that point forward, she hasnt looked back. Rikki Renee has since shot with several published photographers and is looking forward to her next appearance in a national publication. Rikki Renee is a motivated business woman, that is soon to be a household name!


Hennywiz – How are you doing today, Ms. Rikki?
Ms. Rikki I’m doing great!!! Thanks
Hennywiz – First off, Welcome to the Daily dose.
Ms. Rikki Thank you for having me
Hennywiz – Where are originally from and what’s your ethnic background for starters?
Ms. Rikki I’m from Baltimore MD and I’m African American
Hennywiz – What are your measurements for the people that don’t already know?
Ms. Rikki 36-28-43
Hennywiz – What or who inspired you to begin a modeling career?
Ms. Rikki A lot of people would just tell me I should try modeling because I fit the criteria but overall it was the reaction that I got from doing a lingerie flyer for a party in my city that inspired me.
Hennywiz – I know you’ve been featured in Straight Stuntin; what other magazine have you been featured in?
Ms. Rikki I’ve done Tearsheet Magazine and I’ve also done Silk Magazine. I also just shot for Sweets magazine so be on the lookout for that too.
Hennywiz – Your spread in Straight Stuntin was really good, how was experience working on that shoot? 
Ms. Rikki It was a fun experience…def. one of the most memorable shoots I had… (Big shout out to Shawn Darnell, one of the coolest photographers’ I know 🙂
Hennywiz – In this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates Ms. Rikki from your peers?
Ms. Rikki I would have to say my aggressiveness to get what I want. I’m all about my business so by any means necessary imma get what I want, but everybody goes about their business differently and that’s what separates everyone from each other.
Hennywiz – With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?
Ms. Rikki  Def. my shoot for straight stuntin and my very first shoot because I was nervous as hell!!lol
Hennywiz – What impact has modeling had on your personal life?
Ms. Rikki  A big one!! My family is NOT supportive at all. They look down on the whole urban modeling industry. So we disagree on my profession. But I don’t let that hold me back
Hennywiz – Overall, what has been your opinion of the modeling industry as a whole?
Ms. Rikki  It’s interesting. VERY SHADY!!! Lol. It reminds me so much of high school. All the he say she says that goes on is crazy. It’s like if you’re not in the “in crowd” it’s nothing for you. It’s unfortunate because there’s a lot of aspiring models out there that hot but can’t get that recognition because they’re not in the “in crowd.”
Hennywiz – What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Ms. Rikki   Long term goals I want to start my own lingerie line. I have some crazy ideas that I want to bring to life. Also I wouldn’t mind having my own agency, so I can give that “special someone” a chance.
Hennywiz – What has been some of the highlights of your career?
Ms. Rikki  I definitely have to say Straight Stuntin and my World Star Hip Hop video. Make sure you check them both out!!!
Hennywiz – I’ve read somewhere that you are a college student, what school do you attend and what’s your major?
Ms. Rikki  I attend a community college in my city. I’m taking some credits now so I can transfer to a four year university. But my major is Business Admin.
Hennywiz – Is acting a path you’re trying to pursue as well?
Ms. Rikki Yeah, I definitely want to get into acting. I like putting on a show. I’m definitely not camera shy!!! lol
Hennywiz – Have you been featured in any music videos or television shows yet?
Ms. Rikki  I actually just finished my first video shoot. It was with an up and coming artist named Face the Music. His buzz is definitely growing in NY so be on the lookout for that.
Hennywiz – What other interest do you have besides modeling?
Ms. Rikki  I’m interested in acting, and being a clothing designer.
Hennywiz – What are some of your hobbies?
Ms. Rikki  I love to travel, cook, sing, shop, dance, and the list goes on and on…
Hennywiz – Alright let get serious, lol!! Do you have a significant other? If so, how does he or she feel about you modeling?
Ms. Rikki  I do have a boyfriend and he is my BIGGEST support system. Without him and his passion for my success I don’t know how I would have gotten this far. So a big shout out goes to him.
Hennywiz – What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other?
Ms. Rikki  Intelligence, confidence, respectful and genuinely. I look for loyalty and honesty as well.
Hennywiz – I want to assume your preference is men or women too?
Ms. Rikki  Yes strictly men. I believe women are beautiful but just not my avenue
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?
Ms. Rikki  Be yourself and please don’t be rude. Guys these days are so reckless with what comes out their mouth lol. But fellas leave the pick-up lines at home.
Hennywiz – What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with?
Ms. Rikki  Someone just recently told me that my ankles were having a party and can my pants come down lol…my first reaction was like wtf! Something like that will get u overlooked regardless if its humor or not…Bad first impression for sure!!!
Hennywiz – What turns you on the most?
Ms. Rikki  A guys personality. I have a big one myself so I need someone that’s just as real and interesting as me.
Hennywiz – What is an ultimate turn off for you?
Ms. Rikki  Poor hygiene, nagging, and begging. Either of those will definitely get you the “kill yaself” speech!!
Hennywiz – What’s the most expensive gift you have bought a significant other?
Ms. Rikki  I just bought my boyfriend this Joe Rodeo watch he wanted this past Christmas. That ran me about $1800.
Hennywiz – There are some freaky people out there that will want to know, how do you rate yourself in the bedroom?
Ms. Rikki  My sex drive is off the chart, so rating me isn’t possible lol
Hennywiz – What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?
Ms. Rikki  To have my man and a girl please me at the same timeJ…that would be interesting. It has to be all about me though
Hennywiz – What part of your body are you most complimented on and what is your favorite asset(s) on you?
Ms. Rikki  I’m constantly complimented on my ass. It’s crazy how people act when I’m walking. They act like they never seen a light skin chick with ass. But my favorite asset is my eyes and my smile.
Hennywiz – Give a description of a normal evening at home with you.
Ms. Rikki  A normal evening is dinner with me and my man. Then we either watch TV or a movie. We sometimes even play PS3.
Hennywiz – Do you have any tattoos? If so where?
Ms. Rikki  I have 7 tattoos, which are all over. 2 on my back, 1 on my stomach, 1 on my hands, 1 on the inner arm, 1 on my thigh, and 1 on my foot
Hennywiz – Do you have a special hidden talent? If so, can you reveal it?
Ms. Rikki  Now if I revealed it, it wouldn’t be special anymoreJ
Hennywiz – How would you describe your fashion style?
Ms. Rikki  Ummm…def. original…I wear whatever makes me feel good really and surprisingly Im liked for my style
Hennywiz – What genre of music are you into?
Ms. Rikki  I love R&B and Hip-Hop
HennywizWhat is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?
Ms. Rikki  That I’m REALLY friendly. People think that I’m stuck up or unapproachable. But when they meet me I’m told I’m the “coolest girl” they ever chilled with
HennywizWhat is your guilty pleasure?
Ms. Rikki  Eating a whole box of chocolates
HennywizName some things you couldn’t live without?
Ms. Rikki  A toothbrush for sure! Lol, water, my phone, my shoes (I’ll actually wear shoes n nothing else! that’s how crazy I am about them lol)…
HennywizWhat can we expect from you in the near future?
Ms. Rikki  More of everything. Lol. Definitely my website. That will be up and running by the summer. And my 2011 calendar. Also more magazine features and videos
HennywizWhere do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Ms. Rikki  Retired from modeling!!! Lol I will still be in the industry from a business standpoint but as far as modeling I’m going to gracefully bow out lol
HennywizWhat advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?
Ms. Rikki  Stay on your grind. You have to promote yourself. Also invest in your career. Most of the best photographers you have to pay for so don’t be cheap ladies.
HennywizI really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Ms. Rikki  I love you all. Without you there would be no me. Also make sure you follow me on twitter @Msrikkirenee and Check out my
HennywizAny final words for your haters? Lol!!
Ms. Rikki  Keep hating because in all actuality you’re my biggest fans. And let my name taste like ASS when you speak it!!! Lol (Shout out to the late Biggie Smalls)




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