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Stephanie Tejada @St‬ephanieTjada “SneakerVille” iCandy Series presented by @forty8pro

Forty8 Productions presents “Sneakerville” an Icandy Series featuring latina sensation Stephanie Tejada. Dope video footage.

Checkout a new icandy style video which features the following sneakers: what the lebrons 11s,thunder 4s,laney 5s,fire red 5s,southbeach lebrons 11s, christmas lebrons 9-11,hero pack lebrons 11s,gama jordan 11s,cool grey 9s,& the eggplant penny posites. Stephanie has been in Show magazine,Lowrider girls, titanium girls has a spread with prototype magazine coming out and has also starred in videos with Caskey.Roscoe Dash,Mims & more. She is also very well known for her comedic skits on vine & Instagram.The director is Forty8Productions song “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd.. Her twitter @St‬ephanieTjada , Instagram @StephanieTejadaa