02 Feb 2011

Kristalsolis.com is launching Feb, 14 ( Preview shots)

KristalSolis.com is launching February 14, 2011 and The Wiz’s Daily Dose is got some preview images to get ready for the Grand launching of her site amongst the web masses. Images was shot by Facet Studios. Checkout more images below and then shoot over to kristalsolis.com for more info in

14 Dec 2010

Montana Fishburne featured in Blackmen Magazine(Holiday Issue)

Checkout Montana Fishburne featured in the latest issue of Blackmen Magazine; scans courtesy of Blackjackskanz.com. She could have been an amazing talent in Fashion, urban modeling acting, etc.. But porn was a route she choose for the moment but, there’s still a chance for to choose another career path..enjoy the

24 Nov 2010

(Updated) Dominique Chinn courtesy of Facetstudios

Checkout these hot new edits of Dominique Chinn courtesy of Facetstudios. Dominique Chinn been having a helluva year and we wish her much success as she continues to progress in her career.. checkout more exclusive images of Dominique Chinn here plus the Wiz’s Daily dose exclusive interview with Dominique Chinn

16 Nov 2010

Spotlight Edition: Halie "The Truth" More than eyecandy

Introduction: Theirs probably a small amount of models that I will call “The Truth” in the industry and I must say Halie is by far as bad as they come amongst her peers and she has earned that tag “The Truth”. Halie’s been in the game for awhile now, she

15 Oct 2010

Blac Chyna featured in Straight Stuntin Magazine(Revised alittle)

I must say BlacChyna is doing her thang right now, considering that the fact she has been featured in Blackmen , DimePiece magazine now Straight Stuntin. She is definitely buzzin right now, my lawd!!! More pics below..

07 Oct 2010

KikiKayo – courtesy of Facet Studio

 I don’t have too much info on Kiki but I must say these are some brilliant looking photos of her. Google her and checkout her booty shaking videos if you haven’t seen them already.spotted at dynastyseries.com first..

04 Oct 2010

DynastySeries TV: In Miami with Ashley Nikki – courtesy of Facet Studio and StarMaxPr

Here’s some amazing new video footage of Ashley Nikki courtesy of dynastyseries.com and Facet studios for your viewing pleasure.. More pics to come later on!!

25 Sep 2010

DynastySeries TV: Interview with Halie – courtesy of Facet Studio

If you are not familiar with Halie(Heather) she was just recently featured on the VH! reality show Chad OchoCinco The perfect catch..Been following her work for awhile now . she’s been featured in Show, Smooth and Straight Stuntin Magazine to name a few. Big shoutout to dynastyseries.com and Facetstudios for