22 Dec 2011

Dope edit of the Day featuring Tea Gotabody courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

Checkout the first of several edits thats been illustrated courtesy of lloyd Parks and Gorgeous Magazine . Checkout Tea Gota Body looking sexy as usual.. and yes folks she got body..Follow her on twitter.com @teagotabody  

27 Oct 2011

Emmaly Lugo @imaTotalPackage “The Samples” presented by Gorgeous Magazine

Here’s another model that’s career blossom within a years span Emmaly Lugo has been featured in several magazines, countless websites and music videos.. Doing a feature on her is long over due and she owes me an interview, smh.. Checkout the latest images lloyd Parks release for the web masses

15 Oct 2011

Classic Material featuring Tiana Nicole courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

I had to diggin to the vault for these.. This set of images I was saving for a special occasion and now that wizsdailydose.com live; I had to unleash the fiery, lol! Big shoutout to lloyd Parks for sending these over.. Checkout aspiring model Tiana Nicole she is awesome!! I

29 Sep 2011

New Gorgeous Media campaign featuring Heather Bianchi..

I featured this dope edit of Heather Bianchi over at the Blogspot and had to bring over here.. Heather Bianchi, is she isn’t already she is becoming a big deal.. Get familiar! Check her out in Capone and Noreaga’s Pain video below..

26 Sep 2011

Diedra Marie “Gone Hollywood” Courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

Here’s an aspiring model that seems to be progressing with each shoot she does with $# Studios and Gorgeous Magazine. checkout the Fashionista Hollywood style edits courtesy of lloyd Parks… Follow Diedra Marie on twitter.com @GORGEOUSDOUBLED

31 Aug 2011

VH1’s Draya Michele is Gorgeous Magazine’s "Model of the Month" courtesy TSD Agency

We actually got a chance to checkout the first episode of vh1’s Basketball Wives LA featuring Draya Michele and more and I must admit she is just as pretty as she is in her magazine spreads, etc! Best of luck to her.Follow her on twitter.com @DrayaFace

25 Jun 2011

Hard Body TV presents Marianne Sylvia courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

Checkout behind the scenes video footage of Marianne Sylvia shooting with lloyd Parks and Gorgeous Magazine presented by Hard Body TV.

21 Jun 2011

More Hassanah glam images courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

Got somemore Hassanah images for your viewing pleasure. She is definitely living up to her twitter profile name @changed_up still sexy with a different hair style courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine..

29 Apr 2011

The Wiz’s Daily Dose Welcomes Castis Korelle aka @castis109 (Showcase)

First got familiar with Castis Korelle aka Castis 109 when I notice her spread in Gorgeous Magazine Premiere print issue and it was an amazing spread. So when she hit me up in regards to being featured here at The Wiz’s Daily Dose, it was a no brainer.. Checkout some

28 Apr 2011

Veronica Vior promo glam images courtesy of Gorgeous Magazine

Checkout some more images from Veronica Vior’s bangin shoot with lloyd Parks for Gorgeous Magazine.. They’ve been creating some magic lately..