11 Oct 2016

Butterflymodels @ButterflyModels Model 10 – September 2016 Edition

Butterflymodels Model 10 – September 2016 Edition from Butterfly Models on Vimeo. Our top ten urban glamour videos for September 2016 featuring: 10 – 01:00 Kasandra Santiago youtube.com/watch?v=aY7U-D2ujqA 09 – 01:42 Victoria My Nguyen vimeo.com/183224204 08 – 02:21 Monique vimeo.com/183113129 07 – 03:02 Amanda Stronegger – vimeo.com/183604271 06 – 03:46

17 Mar 2016

Ralen Watts @ralenwatts in Stack Magazine @StackModelsinc images by @cp_photos

Checkout Ralen Watts as seen in Stack Magazine shot by CP Photos stackmodelsinc#StackModelsMagazine Isssue #22 featuring Cover Models Ivory Lee @1vory_lee, Kendra Jordan @kendra_jordan and Ralen Watts @ralenwatts + Avanglin Marie @avangelinmarie, Brittany Taylor @brittanytaylor, Lisa @llisa_michelle, Nicole Ferreira @nicole_ferreira_model, Shani Rose @iamshanirose and Sule @sweaver21 – Get your #print

10 Aug 2015

Ralen Watts @ralenwatts Appreciation – The Gallery

Ralen was born in Sao Paulo, in Brazil by way of Dallas, TX. There weren’t many Brazilian role models men or woman due to the poverty, government setup and third world living conditions in Sao Paulo growing up, in a place with violence and no lights or running water. This