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Spotlight Edition: Erin Sennett ‘The Hot Urban/Fetish Vixen is here!!’

Introduction:I took notice of Erin awhile back and I thought that their was something intriguing about her and I had to have featured here at the Wiz’s Daily dose.. She has sex appeal and her pics speak volumes. Not to mention her freakish fetish photos, my lawd!! Warning don’t get on her bad side, lol!! Get acquainted with Erin Sennett… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Felix Natal Jr. "Homage to the Photographer Volume 1"

Introduction:This is something that’s be planned for awhile now and it took sometime to get it done. Atleast once a month we’re going to try and bring you an exclusive interview from one of your favorite photographers in the game. Its just our way of saying thank you for taking some of the glamorous photos of some the hottest models… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Laura Dore "The Art of Sexy"

Introduction:The Sweetie Cyanide Burlesque Bombshell invades the Daily dose and we’re happy to have her here.. Caution you might have nightmares after reading some of this interview, lol!!! Bio: Originally from the “Lone Star State” Austin native, Laura Dore started off as a quiet and shy girl growing up in the suburbs. Even though she was a tomboy throughout this time,… Read more →

Spotlight Edition: Nina Santiago "Butta Pecan Rican"

Introduction: Sexy and Classy is just some of the words that describes this fine specimen that is being showcased in our latest “Spotlight Edition” here at the Wiz’s daily dose. She’s one the premiere models in the game and its a pleasure to have her here. please sitback and get acquainted with the one and only Nina Santiago… Bio:“Aesthetically pleasing… Read more →