13 Nov 2016

C Walk @cwalkphotography presents – Trap Queen Series! with @theprettyyassassin

As part of the Trap Queen Series, checkout model @theprettyyassassin solo feature from the shoot presented by C Walk photography http://wizsdailydose.com/cwalkphotography-presents-trap-queen-series-w-pretti_passion-theprettyyassassin-michelbombshell-babebrigirl/

13 Nov 2016

@cwalkphotography presents – Trap Queen Series! w/ @pretti_passion @theprettyyassassin @michelbombshell @babebrigirl

The hot Trap Queen series featuring @pretti_passion @theprettyyassassin @michelbombshell @babebrigirl Dopeness…. Now booking for next series on the way! Looking to create dope shit with dope people! **Tag A Dope Model** Get Guaranteed Publishing Today Trap Queen presented by c walk photography from Hennywiz on Vimeo.