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The Kollage King presents Carmella Currency “Cak3z” images by Donato Sebastian

My goodness The Kollage King sent over a stallion.. Checkout Camella Currency aka Cak3z most if not all the images courtesy of Donato Sebastian… See more below..

Name:  Carmella Currency “Cak3z”
Location: California
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican & German
Measurements: 32dd-26-40
1. Other than yourself, who’s your favorite model? Why? Other then myself, my favorite model would have to be Tyra Banks. She has helped me study and cultivate a deep understanding of the art of modeling and fashion as well as being a perfect of example in showing me you can use your modeling for so much more then magazine editorials and runway. Modeling can really be a gateway for so many other avenues.

2. Upcoming projects:
As far as projects, I have a few things up my sleeve including and not limited to a calendar, a few videos including a day in a life v as well as some hands on behind the scenes projects. Stay tuned I’m always working on something.