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The latest from Monique the Physique courtesy of Derrick Clegg

Monique is back gracing her presence at wizsdailydose.com and this time it features her recent collab with Derrick Clegg and I must say she was in good hands. Final edits came out smooth.. See more below..

Follow her on twitter.com @MONIQUEIAM and checkout her website moniquedamodel.com

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    Dear Dark Skinned Black women;

    Here is why I think you’re the most beautiful women on earth..

    Your confidence.

    You walk like your nurturing the earth beneath your feet, and when you laugh… its like the stars celestially align and sparkle along your face.

    Your beautiful dark skin. Beautifully smooth, warm. And tempting to touch.

    I love you… dark skinned black women.

    But I hate the way, some of you feel your dark skin is not a blessing to you…

    Black is the most beautiful colour in the world, it consists of all colours into one.

    Touch the colour black in your mind, isn’t it like silk to you?

    Touch caramel?

    Touch brown?

    Touch Blue?

    Touch Yellow?

    It’s not quite the same… is it?

    Pay no attention to the MTV. If it doesn’t pay any attention to you. Instead keep a lookout for guys like me, who’ll give you all the worlds’ attention to you.

    Remember God loves beauty.

    And when he created the first women she was as dark as the still of the night and as beautiful as the view into heaven itself.

    And Nothing™s changed.

    You™ll still that beautiful women.

    And, I just wanted to remind you of that

    Every other women is just an off shoot of you..

    Like Tupac said, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice love u monique the physique

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