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The SpizzyBlog @Pacino718 presents Stiz Karma @stzness Exotic Asian Dyme images by Sundiata Acree


Whether or not you believe in good karma or bad karma, after this post you’ll be a believer in Stiz Karma.

When I handpicked Stiz as the model for this very special photo shoot, it was a foregone conclusion that the images would be stunning. Physically, she’s almost too good to be true. Her face is so beautifully exotic, it’s overwhelming. Her marvelous body isn’t a product of surgery or Photoshop fraud, just a dedication to rigorous exercise. Although she isn’t a giraffe like your average runway model, Ms. Karma stands head and shoulders above her competition. Most people assume she’s Blasian (that’s Black & Asian for the slang-impaired) but Stiz is Indonesian. The tourism industry of Indonesia should cut her a check, because she makes it an attractive travel destination. When I finally met her at our photo shoot, I wasn’t prepared for how gorgeous she is. In the past, I’ve had my share of disappointments with bait-and-switch models who look nothing like they do in their portfolios. Cameras lie… but in the flesh, Stiz Karma is the truth.

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