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MODELING NAME: Tiffany ‘Akila’ Denise
SIGN: Capricorn
RACE/NATIONALITY: African American
LOCATION: Raleigh nc
HOBBIES: Doing Hair Makeup and shopping
FB: Tiffany Denise
IG: denise_bella_garnet

Where are you originally from? Winston salem

How did u get into modeling and what was your first experience like? I was introduced to a photographer by a published model and we began working together. My first experience was nerve wrecking. I had absolutely no training and its not as easy as it looks to strike a good pose but after a few shoots i became more comfortable with my body and taking direction.

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE MODELING INDUSTRY? I feel like i can express myself in modeling and im hoping to become an innovator by bringing new ideas to the industry hoping to break the barriors for all size aspiring models

Funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model? My most funniest craziest experience a friend of a friend referred me to a local upcoming “photographer” offering tfp. We arranged a date to meet and shoot. Perfect location 70 degree perfect weather. I position myself to get ready to shoot and he pulls out a phone and a tablet… I knew very little to nothing about a camera and set up lights so i thought he was testing the lighting but no hehad his celly and tablet. Lol i thought it was hilarious

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART OF YOUR BODY? My favorite part is actually not visable

What do u think men would say your best feature is and why? My smile because My teeth are clean and straight and they admire my beauty mole

Whos your favorite music artist and why? Im really in love with Bryson Tillers music i hope his second album is as good as his first. Why because he speals on how allll men should make a women feel

WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE? Craziest thing ive ever done skinny dipped

What is your guilty Pleasure? Drinking wine and recording myself twerk to future

Are you single or taken? Im single

What are your turn ons and turn offs in a man/girl? Im turned on by good hygeine i loooove an expensive good smelling guy lol must have a Sence of humor , honest , consistent men turn on. Turn offs are liers

WOULD YOU DATE A GUY/GIRL OFF THE INTERNET? Ive never dated anyone off the internet whos to say.

WHAT’S THE TYPE OF MAN/GIRL YOU PREFER & What’s your idea of the perfect guy?? I want a guy thats 100% into me . we can spoil eachother and support each other dreams

SEXIEST THING A MAN/GIRL EVER SAID TO/DONE FOR YOU? Be honest send me flowers at work and took me on vacation

What’s your idea of the perfect date? The perfect date would be doing something spontaneous

What is the first thing you notice about a guy/girl? There sence of fashion & demeanor

Favorite sex position and why? Lol i dont kiss and tell

Any other talents other them modeling? If so, what are they? Im a hair stylist and mua

How do you balance a personal life and have a modeling career? I take classes for time management lol

Favorite attire and why? Im kinda different with style so i can take a rag and make it look expensive

If you could change one thing about yourself ,what would it be? Im not saying im perfect but i think im blessed just how i am its what makes me Me!

If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be? Stay consistent


I enjoy modeling it started out as just a hobbie but quickly escalated into gigs. Ive always been camera photo genic even as a little girl and now when i get in front of the camera I feel like i can truely become in character. I connect with the camera. Ive been in fashion shows, I am the face model for a luxury car dealership, I model clothes for boutiques and I travel. My Goal for modeling is to soon be published as well as use this to tale to the next level for acting.


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