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Yaris Sanchez Ace of LA - thewizsdailydose

I’m Yarisenia Sanchez. I go by The Dominican Barbie however. I”m fully Dominican born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Santa Monica, California. I currently live in Orlando, Florida. I have been doing music videos for almost four and a half years now. I guess you can say im seasoned in this industry. Being 22, my goals are to continue to pursue my dreams in the video industry as well as craft a job in other types of entertainment so that I have something to fall back on when I set aside the music video world and/or fully retire from it. I want to use Model Mayhem to boost my clientele and help get me more work so that I can really take that full dive out into the modeling world. I”m pretty well known now because of my video appearances and I”ve recently done a few magazines. However, I”m going to continue to work hard to get other business deals outside of music videos and outside of the magazines that I”ve already put my print on. For booking info or other work related ideas, please feel free to email me at my personal work email at to provide me with shoot info, details, offers, ect. and also feel free to email me/my management team anytime to officially book me at
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