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Yasmin Ortega aka ENVY @yasminenvyback “in Black Lingerie” Show Magazine Issue #20

Yasmin Ortega aka ENVY 001 Show Magazine

STYLIST: Karina Guerrero, @karilexa
MAKEUP ARTIST: Seqoiya, @Pureglam0ur
HAIR STYLIST: Kiafa Renee, @WeaveBarnNYC
Visit: for exclusive images and video from this issue.

I am proud to say Black Lingerie 20 is my second spread with SHOW. Im honored. Since my first cover with SHOW Ive done a few more videos, such as “Got That Work ” with Fab and also two videos with his artist Fortunate Ones “99” and Freck Billionaires “Bling Kong�. This shoot was so sexy and fun. Im so excited that Sean was my photographer for this shoot for the first time. Hes amazing and made it very comfortable for me. It was oily and sexy and my body looked amazing from the camera to the screen without any edits. I haven been all over the place but youll see me back again.

Yasmin Ortega aka ENVY 002 Show Magazine

Yasmin Ortega aka ENVY 003 Show Magazine

Yasmin Ortega aka ENVY Show Magazine