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Photogallery of Dolly Castro

Dolly Castro is the new Nicaraguan model from Miami, Florida that is popping up everywhere. It almost seems like she is the only model in Miami right now due to her eye-popping images and popularity. She is a true professional and always brings the heat to every photoshoot. She has a way about her that makes everyone feel stress free. Dolly’s curves are fiercely sexy at every turn on her body. She is the kind of girl that pulls up in a brand new Mercedes and gets out wearing skin tight jeans with heals and people literally fall over in amazement. She enjoys working with Miami photographer Mike Montoya the most because he has that edgy style that fits best with her fierce look. Dolly is a very bright person and it shows in every aspect of her career. She knows exactly how to image herself properly. She is not afraid to bring the sexiness and she knows the right people to work with that can enhance her career to bring out her huge potential. She jumped to the idea of working with Mixed Magazine as she knew it would be a great way to enhance her modeling career. words courtesy of mixed magazine
Follow Dolly via instagram @missdollycastro you can also find her on twitter.com @Missdollycastro