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Model Kookie “assorted mix” images by Derrick Clegg (Showcase)

Kookie’s bio: (MEASURMENTS: 36-26-39) The name of this bombshell is Keonia Kookie Alford, she was born n raised in Long Island,NY.
Growing up with a single mother living with her grandmother until she passed away in late 2002,
life hasnt been the easiest, with her mother being her backbone pushing her to go live
her dream of being this great business woman doing things she never gotten the chance to do.
      With Kookie being in this modeling industry since the age of 14 she has picked up much
learned experience and has now grown into a wonder woman.
     Getting some of the top training at just 14 years old at one of the world best acting
and model training schools they have to offer
Barbizon international, then going on to do castings for Seventeen, Envy and Jet Magazines. In the past
year she has grown into her own business woman now branding her household name
“Kookie” that will be branching out into clothing lines and cosmetics. At only 18 now she
has done more alone then any Model/mogul to be, trying to not only have a name for herself
but OWN it! With help of her momager “mother/manager” she is pushing to be the first of
her kind.
    She is doing t-shirts “Step Your Kookies Up” for the female crowd and donating some of
the proceeds to different fundations based on color (ex: pink: breast cancer donation) in which
money will be given dirrectly to the program. It will benifit cancer,stoke,diabetes,aids, gay community
programs and womens empowerment programs. Showing that she isnt in it just for her its about everyone.
She is then later in 2012 planning on opening a program up for young girls 13-18 years old to focus on
there issues that most young ladies dont really like discussing to others more like a pick her up program for
young ladies!
    Her journey has just began so keep watching and help support Ms, Kookie as she grows and branches
her business.
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