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504Dymes Magazine Valentines Edition Blondie Braaps Vol.1 2021 by @cewileystudios

504 Dymes Magazine 2021 Valentines Collectors issue. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her sizzling hot Valentines day cover. Between her gorgeous face, knockout body and trademark skulls leg tattoo, Blondie Braaps will have you mesmerized. This is why she is one of our cover models for Valentines Day 2021. Along with several other outstanding beauties. Such as Genesis Barrios, Karelis Hernandez, Bree DeLong, Dorian Simone and Dayan. You will definitely Enjoy every page.

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Models Social Media:
IG: @blondie_braaps

Wardrobe provided by:
IG: @jillyrocks.swim

Shoes provided by:
IG: @wildly_cultivated

Twitter: @cewileystudios
Instagram: 504dymesmagazine
Snapchat: WorldWideDymes

Magazine Design by:
IG: @TheRichardFlood