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Extraordinary Assets of @OohNatasha presented by @MixedMagazine


ooh Natasha!!! That is her name and that is exactly what you would be saying when you see her walk by with her 44″ inch backside. Natasha is the 25 year old Cuban model from Miami, Florida. I think it’s pretty obvious these days that having a booty is really what it’s all about. The beauty about Natasha’s booty is that it is REAL! With all of the thousands of girls getting fake booties these days it makes it harder than ever to sift through them all to find the real one. It’s like playing a game of “Where’s Waldo?” LOL But don’t worry because the master booty inspector at Mixed Magazine is on the scene 24/7 making sure that we bring you the most realistic models. Natasha is just a innocent little sweetheart and she knows that she is fully equipped with all the right curves and she is now ready to fullfil her dreams of being a model and now is that time. With the urban industry at an all time high it makes curvy bootylicious models now have the perfect platform to show off their goods while earning money! If you don’t join our member section to watch her exclusive video wearing this rainbow (NO HOMO) one piece bathing suit then well you just might be a homo. Join Here NOW!