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Jessica Jackson aka Jess Gorgeous courtesy of Visual Cocktail

Sexy Chocolate deluxe, gotta luv’em especially the latest offering from visual cocktail for featuring an aspiring model by name of Jessica Jackson aka Jess Gorgeous residing out New Orleans, LA… read more about Jess below..

Hi, my name is Jessica Jackson. I’m very new to the modeling industry but yet I’m very eager to make my own mark. Being that I’ve always gotten compliments on my “model build” and eyes, I’m deciding to take things a lot more serious and get into something that I’ve always had love for, but now can actually be in love with. It’s always been a dream of mine so now it’s time to make it come true! I am the sweetest, most humble person you can meet and very professional when it comes down to getting the job done so it’ll be no problem at all working with me.

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