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@MrShawn_Darnell presents “League of Shadows” with @CORENOVEMBER @RealKrisNichole @TIMOMONROE

Shawn Darnell Ms November Kris Nichole Timo Monroe.thewizsdailydose

THE LEAGUE OF SHADOWS SHOOT is a photo shoot that’s done in complete darkness with one light. It’s an art I learned when I first started shooting. Only a qualified and opened minded Model can pull this kind of shoot off she has to be comfortable with her inner sexy and not afraid of the dark!

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Checkout dope previews featuring Core Model and and original Fyne Girl November and models Timo Monroe and Kris Nichole. More models to come.

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november shawn darnell.thewizsdailydose

Checkout the latest addition to the League of Shadows Series @MdotSosa