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Pretty Mesha @1prettymesha Show Magazine Issue 24 (Web Exclusives Set 1)

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Hi, my name is Mesha. Im from the Bay
Area, Ca. Three words to describe me
are Crazy, Sexy & Cool. I am 22 years old.
My Birthday is March 8, 1990. Yes, Im a
Pisces. I moved to Georgia when I was 19
after being in a terrible accident. Back in

I was in a highway shooting and lost
someone I cared about. [RIP Marcus]
plus getting shot in my leg, It was a
traumatizing situation But also a blessing
in disguise. I knew I had to do better.
Thats when I started modeling..
While in ATL I did a few music videos:
Waka Flocka �Lets Do it�, Mike Epps
�Aint Chu You�, Short Dawg �Come
Down the Pole�, & �Trouble you Dont
Deserve Dat�, and Ive also done 3 of my
own Wshh videos and I was featured in
Blackmens July 2012. I hope to continue
to get bigger and better opportunities.

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I love this, being on camera, taking
pictures, making videos, getting done up
with hair and makeup, etc. It was a really
fun experience shooting for SHOW. And,
all the other models were great. Publisher
Sean Cummings is super cool. I hope to
work more with SHOW in the future.

As far as goals, I have many plans. I dont
want to speak on them until its time, but
just know its going to be big! Im very
ambitious, and I refuse to stop until Ive
succeeded, and the WORLD knows my
name. I do this for my family, in memory
of Marcus but most of all for myself. My
faith is strong. And I know God got me.
My time is NOW!

Booking: Prettymeshabookings@gmail.
Twitter: @1prettymesha
Instagram: prettymesha1

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