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Spotlight Edition: Exclusive interview with Portia Jenkins “The Adorable Beauty P”

As I get caught up on the weekly interviews here at the Blogspot.. Checkout my latest exclusive interview with this fine female residing out of Philly and she doesn’t really need an introduction.. The Adorable @Beautyp Ms. Portia Jenkins.. read on below and get acquainted…


Hennywiz – Let the readers know where you’re from?

Hennywiz –  What’s your measurements for the readers that might not know?  
Portia Jenkins – 36dd 26 43

Hennywiz – What or who inspired you to pursue a career in the modeling industry?
Portia Jenkins – My best friend’s dammen and Dana and Jamal Dorsey
Hennywiz – You have an impressive resume; give the readers a rundown of the publications you’ve been featured in?
Portia Jenkins – I have done Smooth magazine, smooth magazine in Jamaica Blackmens magazine, blackmens 40/40  straight stunin magazine, straight stunin magazine cover,  producer on short film THIS TIME with Regan Gomez. with director Matthew Cherry, Chingy dem jeans video, Plies and neyo bust it baby video
Hennywiz – Your photos are amazing is there a particular photographer that you consistently work with?
Portia Jenkins – Thank you sweety, and yes his name is Hector @linkzmedia
Hennywiz – With all the shoots you’ve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?
Portia Jenkins – Smooth magazine in Jamaica it was beautiful and i met my friend mesha seville there, it was like heaven on earth.
Hennywiz – A question I tend to ask models/vixens is, In this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates “Portia Jenkins” from your peers?
Portia Jenkins – I think my personality, people never expect me to be the way i am a goof ball lol
Hennywiz – Overall, what has been your opinion of the entertainment business industry?
Portia Jenkins – I think it is what you make of it, it can be very cut throat and it can be sweet, i will say i have had a great time going all over the world and meeting amazing people, life is a learning lesson for the good or bad:)
Hennywiz – What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Portia Jenkins – I want to be known for more than having a pretty face with a body, I want to be known for my talent and that’s acting. I always did plays as a young girl, it’s where my heart is, but its easier said then done in a business based off who you know.
Hennywiz – Is acting in your plans for the future Portia Jenkins bound for the big screen?
Portia Jenkins – Yes if God wants me to be,  he knows my heart then i will get there.
Hennywiz – What would be a dream role for you?
Portia Jenkins – To play the role Halle Berry did in losing Isaiah
Hennywiz – I’m about to get in your business now, lol!! Do you have a significant other? If so, how does he or she feel about you modeling?
Portia Jenkins – I am loved lol Hennywiz – Understood, lol
Hennywiz – What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other? Portia Jenkins – He has to be a mans man he has to be loyal and not GOSSIP like a women lol, he has to treat me like a real women.
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?
Portia Jenkins – Be yourself don’t front  or try to impress with lame lines just be real
Hennywiz – What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with? Portia Jenkins – You are the prettiest girl I have seen lol you told me and about 10 other girls the same thing lol
Hennywiz – What turns you on the most?
Portia Jenkins – A man that smells good and is clean cut and knows he is sexy
Hennywiz – What is an ultimate turn off for you? 
Portia Jenkins – A man that Gossips lol TURN OFF, or talks bad about another person to build there self up
Hennywiz – What’s the most expensive gift you have bought a significant other? Portia Jenkins – lol  its been a lot of things I give from the heart but a expensive name brand heart lol
Hennywiz – Do you consider yourself a casual romantic or a super freak? Portia Jenkins – I would say a casual romantic, I like to cuddle and laugh together I like to have fun with my boo
Hennywiz – How would you describe your fashion style?
Portia Jenkins – As long as I like it that’s all that matters lol
Hennywiz – What genre of music are you into?
Portia Jenkins – I love R&B and old jams
Hennywiz – Drink of choice that gets you going?
Portia Jenkins – I don’t drink; never have in my life 🙂
Hennywiz – What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?
Portia Jenkins – That I am very sweet and caring lol because of how i look people expect me to be THE MEAN GIRL lol
Hennywiz – What is your guilty pleasure?
Portia Jenkins – FOOD lol I love to just eat and taste different foods lol
Hennywiz – Name some things you couldn’t live without?
Portia Jenkins – My family and Real friends Gizmoe and True love and God:)
Hennywiz – What can we expect from you in the near future?
Portia Jenkins – That I will do what is set out for me i am going along with  the higher powers plan for me so we shall both see.
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for inspiring models out there trying to break into the industry?
Portia Jenkins – Just have fun with it and enjoy it as a hobby. Always look to do bigger and better and long term
Hennywiz – I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?

Portia Jenkins – Thank you for all the support we are all growing and learning along the way
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