Spotlight Edition: keyshia Dior "The triple threat" is here!!!

Keyshia is a name we need to get familiar with in 2010 and beyond. She’s a triple treat because she is an actress, Model and professional stylist. Keyshia has only been modeling for a short time but she is already taking the industry by-storm. Sit back and get acquainted with Keyshia Dior the one and only! 

Keyshia Dior was born in Miami, Florida with a Jamaican background. She is a model, actress, stylist, and entrpreneur extraordinaire. She is well known for her unique, but edgy style from her mohawk to her taste for fashion.
Keyshia has modeled and styled for some the hottest music videos like “4 My Town” with Birdman featuring Lil Wayne and Drake. She’s also has done “Bed Rock” with Lil Wayne Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, and the Young Money family. Ms. Dior had a recent starring role playing Lisa, the jealous ex wife, in Timbaland’s mini movie video entitled “Say Something”, which featured hip-hop’s rising superstar Drake. She made a cameo appearance in Lil Wayne’s “She’s On Fire” rock video. In the styling part of her career, she has styled many well known celebs from artist to athletes. 
Keyshia’s Styling & Modeling Credits include: 2007 Superbowl, Timbaland, Drake, Lil’ Wayne, Birdman, T.I., Mack Maine, Nicki Minaj, Young Jeezy, Young Dro, Gill Green, Paul Coy Allen, Young Money, Rasual Butler, Big Kuntry, Trina, Chris Robinson, Paul (College Hill), MTV, MTV Jams, BET, VH1 and CBS


Hennywiz – How are you doing today, Keyshia?

Keyshia – Im fine, how are you?
Hennywiz – First off, Welcome to the Daily dose..
Keyshia – Thanks for having me.
Hennywiz – I understand that you were born in Miami, Florida; do you still reside there?
Keyshia – Yes I still reside in Miami, Fl.

Hennywiz – Your ethnic background is Jamaican decent correct? Keyshia – Yes, my ethnicity background is Jamaican.

Hennywiz – What or who inspired you to begin career in acting and modeling?
Keyshia – I was told by several different people that I would do great at modeling and that my unique look can play different characters in movies.
Hennywiz – How long have you been acting and modeling?
Keyshia – Not long maybe a few months.
Hennywiz – I know youve been featured in several music videos; from Birdman, Timberland lil wayne, etc… Were these individuals easy to work with?
Keyshia – Yes they were all easy to work with.
Hennywiz – Have done any theater, big screen features television show appearances as of yet?
Keyshia – No not yet, hopefully very soon.
Hennywiz – Youve taken some amazing photos.  The concepts behind them are brilliant is there a particular photographer you prefer to work with that brings out your creativity?
Keyshia – Thank You. The concepts behind my photos are always my thoughts, but my photographer also plays a major role. One of my favorite photographers to work with is Alain Green.
Hennywiz – With all the photoshoots youve done so far, which ones have been your most memorable?
Keyshia – The most memorable photoshoot was when I shot all head shots with the different color lipsticks that I love to wear.
Hennywiz – Ive read that you are also a stylist? Youre a busy woman I see..
Keyshia – Yes I am a Fashion stylist. I love fashion and I like to be unique. Busy I am. 🙂
Hennywiz – Whos some of the people you styled up before?
Keyshia – I’ve styled from celebs to athletes.
Hennywiz – What do you prefer more acting or modeling?
Keyshia – I definitely prefer acting.
Hennywiz – What impact has acting/modeling had on your personal life?
Keyshia – Its keeps me very busy, focused and popular.
Hennywiz – Overall, what has been your opinion of the entertainment industry as a whole?
Keyshia – The entertainment industry is very different. All I’m going to say is you have to take the good with the bad.
Hennywiz – What are some of your long term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Keyshia – My long term goals are to become a great actress and do a commercial for a cosmetic line.
Hennywiz – What has been some of the highlights of your career so far?
Keyshia – Meeting great people .
Hennywiz – What would be a dream role for you?
Keyshia – Any role that I play a major role showing my acting skills.
Hennywiz – What other interest do you have besides acting and modeling?
Keyshia – I love fashion and image consulting.
Hennywiz – What are some of your hobbies?
Keyshia – I love to work out and listen to music. I can also play basketball and swim.
Hennywiz – Now lets get personal, lol!! Do you have a significant other? If so, how does he or she feel about you acting and modeling?
Keyshia – No, I am single at this time.
Hennywiz – What qualities do you look for when choosing a significant other?  
Keyshia – I like a man that has his ish together.
Hennywiz – What is your preference, men or women?
Keyshia –  I only date MEN!
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for someone that would like to approach you in public?
Keyshia – Just be yourself and not rude.
Hennywiz – What are some of the worst pick up lines you ever been hit with? Keyshia – Baby I’ll take care of you.
Hennywiz – What turns you on the most?  Keyshia – A go getter.
Hennywiz – What is an ultimate turn off for you?
Keyshia – Ultimate turn off is someone who constantly brags.
Hennywiz – Is there an inner freak in you or a casual romantic? Keyshia – I’ll say a little of both.
Hennywiz – What would be the Ultimate sexual fantasy for you? Keyshia –  not sure.
  Hennywiz – Whats the most expensive gift you have bought a significant other?
KeyshiaLV luggage set.
Hennywiz – What part of your body are you most complimented on and what are your favorite assets on you?
Keyshia – I’m always complimented on how pretty my face is and my butt.
Hennywiz – Give a description of a normal evening at home with you.  
Keyshia – A normal evening at home when I’m not working, I go to the gym, watch TV and go on twitter, sometimes I cook.
Hennywiz – Do you have any tattoos? If so where?
Keyshia – My ankle and my wrist.
Hennywiz – Do you have a special hidden talent? If so, can you reveal it?
Keyshia –  I can sing.
Hennywiz – What is one thing about yourself that tends to shock people once they get to know you personally?
Keyshia – How cool I am.
Hennywiz – What are some of your guilty pleasures?
Keyshia – Buying all those expensive shoes and purses.
Hennywiz – Name some things you couldn’t live without? 
Keyshia – My phone and my car.
Hennywiz – What can we expect from you in the near future?
Keyshia – Everything from magazine shoots, videos, commercials, movies etc..
Hennywiz – What advice do you have for inspiring actors and models out there trying to break into the industry?
Keyshia – Stay focused and believe in yourself.
Hennywiz – I really appreciate you taking the time to grant me this interview. Anything you want to say to your fans out there?
Keyshia – Its my pleasure. Thanks for having me. I love all my fans and I truly appreciate them.




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